Alex Sipala is a consumate learner.  He has uncovered some secrets to success by immersing himself in personal development for years and he attibutes his success to reading, listening and applying the information and strategies he learnt from the many mentors the world over including John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic,  Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard,  Zig Ziglar and Darren Hardy, and mixing in his own street-tested principles of success to now mentor and empower thousands of leaders and achievers globally.  Alex mentors many high-performing CEOs and Entrepenuers, advises corporations and sits on the board of several companies and non-proft organizations. 

Alex say "I have always had a strong "why"in my life.  I have always wanted to improve myself to achieve more, be more, give more, have more.  It was never about greed, it was about becoming the best version of me that I possibly could be.  Each day I would inch closer toward that best version...Im not there yet but i am certainly a lot closer than I was yesterday".   It is Alex's mission to “Influence the Influencers” and help business leaders and high achievers make an impact.

During his multi-decade career Alex has held senior positions including national operations with global brands in the security and customer service organisations and carried the responsibility for profitable growth year in year out.   He has strong knowledge and expertise to lead and manage operations of  85 commercial businesses across mutliple states with responsibility of budgets of $120 million per year and have held positions requiring, management and leadership of large-scale human intensive operations of up to 1500 personnel.   

A director of multiple Australian companies with businesses employing over 250 people in Australia.  He is now building a successful suceess coaching practice which during the past 5 years had the honour of delivering life changing human capacity building services to Australian and International business leaders in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Customer Engagement.  Put simply I assist business leaders and entrepreneurs identify and navigate through the transformation process required for the future growth and success of their business. 

Alex is married to Jacqueline and a proud father of six children - two girls and four boys.