Alex Sipala




I call him the "Guru of goal setting" he has helped me and my team at Ubershape grow our business and improve our services to our customers.  Highly recommended.


Coby QLD Australia


I appreciate Alex Sipala, a dear friend and colleague who stepped in and helped me finish my book "Righteousness a journey of Position Power and Prestige"and finish well. His accountability helped me do big things, one step at a time.


Cynthia R. Colorado USA

I am thinking about coversations I am having right now, thinking about how to move forward well, thinking about how to empower the precious people God has graced us with and so many of my answers come from OUR conversations.  Please know what you do day in day out is making the hugest difference to people you may never meet, You are such a gift to me directly
Lisa QLD Australia

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